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In the News

MobileMax today announced that it will showcase its latest release of the MobileMax UC mobile VOIP client advanced provisioning solution fully integrated with BroadSoft's BroadWorks® at the Mobile World Congress.


MobileMax will showcase its latest release of the MobileMax UC mobile VOIP client and advanced provisioning solution fully integrated with BroadSoft's BroadWorks®. This version provides true Mobile-VoIP capabilities as well as allowing users access to Broadsoft’s rich features. 

Some of the features we will be showing on a variety of Mobile devices are:

·         Superior Mobile VoIP with auto WIFI/ 3G network detector

  • Business/Private mode toggle
  • Call Pull – Seamlessly pulling a call from the desk phone to the mobile.
  • Access to advanced PBX features like:
    1. Call forwarding
    2. Do not disturb
    3. Remote office
    4. Sim Ring



If you need a quote:

"Our latest enhancement along with our seamless integration with BroadSoft® will enhance service providers’ product offering enabling them to offer innovative services that bring cost savings and increased productivity to their business and residential customers," said Perry Nalevka, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, MobileMax.


About MobileMax:

MobileMax (TASE: MBMX) is a key player in the Unified Communication (UC) arena. MobileMax develops and licenses patent-pending Mobile VOIP & PBX solutions to carriers and service providers. The MobileMax client resides in the user's mobile device and extends BroadWorks' real-time communication functionality to mobile handsets. Users have one device with one number, one address book and one voice mailbox, always using the lowest cost network for connectivity. The mobile client solution supports over 800 mobile phone devices, including Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android and easily integrates into any existing PBX, VoIP or other telecommunications systems. MobileMax technology is commercially available by numerous Telecom providers in America, Europe & Asia.

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MobileMax, develops and licenses patent-pending Unified Communication (UC) solutions and Mobile Least Cost Routing (LCR) technology to service providers, carriers and IP/PBX providers.